Sunday, July 4, 2010

Educational Videos

Another terrific site I found recently is called NeoK12. This website is packed with educational videos on a seemingly endless amount of topics. They are arranged by subject and most of them take less than ten minutes to view. Great lesson starters!


Another fantastic website I found... this time focusing on Numeracy. It's called CarrotSticks and it was a lot of fun to play. You can choose from all four operations and your skill level is increased by the number of algorithms you correctly answer. Carrots are rewarded for correct answers and you can competitively play against other children from around the world. CarrotSticks doesn't allow full names or a chat function so it is a safe way for students to interact while leaning. Unfortunately it does have a cost if you want unlimited play but there is a free option available for classroom teachers.

Game Classroom

I was searching for some games to play with Year One that are literacy based. I found this website. It's called Game Classroom, and while some of the activities are restricted to members only I was able to access many for free.

One of the best games I found was called Skillwise City - where students have to follow instructions to reach their destination. I played the year three version and was impressed with all the reading and processing that I had to do in order to reach my destination. There are timed or non-timed versions of the game. Give it a go with your class.